The Right Frame

Relax, Its Just Life

The Right Frame

Welcome to the Right Frame blog. What is the Right Frame. Well its simply my take on how to do things different. Maybe not better or eaiser but different.


I have been in business since I was 21 and I am now 46. I have grown business from zero to over 40 million turnover, I have led or being a part of management buy out and buy in. The bushiness’s  have being in many different areas including  Lesuire, Interent, Catering etc.

Some of the business have made money and some have lost money. Some I have sold and others I have had to close. So I believe i have an all round view of life and business and I believe if you are are having personnal or business problems at the moment that I can help you.

If you do have a problem and want to contact me directly please do so by email on


And relax, its only life.




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