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Understand Cause And Effect

 This is a great article by Paul Davis from his book  EVOLVE – Look Within Yourself For Business Success published by Oak Tree Press.

Cause is what makes something happen; effect is what happens. If you choose to be optimistic, that is the cause. The positive impact it has on your life is the effect. It’s important to understand that every choice you make has an effect – some are short-term and some end up being long-term. By understanding this, you are able to consciously stay on the cause side of the equation of life, which gives you the power and ability to change your environment and your life. Our thoughts cause us to act, and our actions are the causes that manifest into our life and our businesses.

If you choose to be on the ‘effect’ side, you are accepting that your life is controlled by external forces, environments, and people. You are surrendering your control to others. You begin to make excuses and reasons why things aren’t happening for you – people won’t buy your product because the price is too high, there’s no business because nobody has any cash to spend, we’ve been cursed because every time we seem to move ahead in our business, there’s somebody there waiting to knock us – and the list goes on and on. These are all external influences. You’ve handed control over to other people. Eliminate excuses from your life completely. They don’t exist. Not everybody in the world thinks your product is priced too high. Not everybody in the world has no money to spend. You haven’t been cursed, you’ve cursed yourself.

By choosing to be on the ’cause’ side of things, you take control over your own life and what you want showing up. The rich and successful believe that they themselves create their life, whereas many of the poor believe they are a victim of their circumstances. They blame other people and circumstances for their situation, and they try to justify why they are where they are. You must take responsibility for everything in your life. I mean everything in your life.

If your life isn’t showing up as you would like it, then it’s your responsibility to go change it. Sometimes, it may be hard and really tough to accomplish, but how much do you want it? What are you making a higher priority? By taking responsibility and being on the cause side of life, you then have the power to do something about your life that will change the effect.

We all have a life story to tell. How our parents didn’t love us, or we lost a job, or we weren’t born into a rich family. Whatever it is, we have to get over it. It was probably the best thing that could have happened to you. Now you know what that experience is like, you don’t have to experience it again. Life is about gaining experiences.

Choose to be on the cause side of the life equation and give yourself that power to have control over your own destiny. What are you going to do differently from this day forward? If you could change one thing, what would it be? What’s stopping you from achieving what you want? You are the only one stopping yourself.

Extract from EVOLVE – Look Within Yourself For Business Success, by Paul Davis and published by Oak Tree Press.

Copyright © 2012 Davis Business Consultants all rights reserved.


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